Tuesday, May 10, 2011

15 Hawks Bulls Game Five Takeaways

15) There has never been a Game Five in the history of seven-game series playoffs that hasn't been called pivotal by someone

14) When you get great shooting from Zaza Pachulia and don't win, that's not a good sign

13) Derrick Rose has somehow developed the ability to extend his limbs at will, like a Transformer

12) Now that the NBA is down to three series, TNT really needs to fly Marv Albert and Steve Kerr to the Thunder-Grizzly games on their day off

11) So long as the Bulls defend, they are a 62-win team, but as soon as they don't, they are mediocre at best

10) I'm not saying that Jeff Teague has taken the starting job for good, but Kirk Hinrich's new nickname is Wally

9) Josh Smith gets more concentrated blocks than anyone this side of Serge Ibaka

8) Following up on the earlier point, there's something inhuman about how fast Rose is, and more amazingly, for how long

7) At this point in the series. Luol Deng knows Joe Johnson's moves better than Johnson

6) Carlos Boozer proved that you can, in fact, have a damn near invisible playoff double double, mostly because Tom Thibodeau benched his ass after some punk play

5) Considering how many Hawks can score off pick and roll, it's kind of amazing how easily they fall into isolation sets and Hero Mode

4) Ronnie Brewer and Taj Gibson were far bigger than you'd ever guess from 15 points and 7 boards

3) Bulls Fan might be incapable of relaxing, but the Hawks in the fourth quarter did everything they could to reassure them

2) Thibodeau has finally learned his lesson about getting Rose off the floor when he's not needed

1) After last night's overtime games, despite being a really good game, this was a positive snoozefest

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