Wednesday, May 11, 2011

20 Celtics Heat Game Five Takeaways

20) Everyone was shocked, shocked, to see Kevin Garnett cheap shotting someone smaller than him in the first half

19) Doc Rivers and Erik Spoelstra observed a mutual non-intelligence pact by bringing in Nenad Krstic and Juwan Howard

18) If you want an early indicator of whether or not the Heat are going to win, check their free throw percentage

17) When Rajon Rondo made a first half jump shot with his bad arm, Reggie Miller's relief was positively Heinsohn-seque

16) Kevin Harland kept calling this a closeout game, as if it were preordained

15) Paul Pierce played much of the third quarter without picking up his fifth foul, because his mastery of the refs is just that total

14) Watching Big Baby Davis react to contact reminds one of a very young Vlade Divac

13) At some point, the Miami crowd's unanimous white shirt look will stop looking like a cult revival (and well, we *know* the Thunder crowd is a cult)

12) As the Chuckster said, Boston was shooting the ball too well to not have a bigger lead

11) There is always the possibility when bench players suddenly look a lot better, that the opposing team's starters are just getting worn down

10) Reggie Miller pointed out that the Celtics couldn't go back to Rondo down the stretch, because they could not give up the offense of... Krstic?

9) Chris Bosh dunking in crunch time has to be getting kind of old for Celtic Fan

8) LeBron James nailed a huge three for the lead with 130 seconds left, then went for a maximum pimp stride

7) If you thought that the Celtics looked irredeemably old in crunch time... well, yes

6) LeBron James nailed a huge three with 40 seconds left, then watched it worse than any showboating home run hitter

5) LeBron James stole the ball and dunked the remaining Celtics effort into the fourth row

4) If Cavs-Celtics last year had ended like this, America might still love LeBron

3) For all of the closeout work by James, the only reason the Heat were in the posiiton to get it done tonight was Dwyane Wade

2) Somehow, I kind of suspect that even with Kendrick Perkins, the Celtics aren't winning this series

1) Celtic Fan is well and truly ready for an NBA lockout, at least until James and Wade are no longer young

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