Thursday, May 12, 2011

20 Grizzly Thunder Game Five Takeaways

20) Shockingly, the teams weren't very good on offense in the first half, 44 hours after a triple overtime war

19) When James Harden is on the floor, good things happen for the Thunder

18) OJ Mayo hasn't been the same since his coach sent him in to give up an intentional foul when he had five already

17) Perhaps we shouldn't expect too much from heavy interior players with a history of poor conditioning in the deeper parts of a seven game series

16) Russell Westbrook actually looked like a point guard for vast stretches of the game tonight

15) I'm not saying that Memphis did a low effort job tonight, but Zach Randolph was wearing SD Jones' wrestling trunks under his jersey

14) No tall man has ever made nailing a three pointer look easier than Kevin Durant

13) Serge Ibaka picked up a cheap technical by reacting at all after an obviously blown possession call, because that's just what happens in the NBA now

12) Starting Tony Allen in an effort to slow down Westbrook misses the problem where you are giving Tony Allen starter's minutes

11) It was considerate of the teams to give fans on the East Coast a game that didn't keep them up all night

10) I suppose there had to be a best Grizz tonight, but hell if I can figure out who it was (OK, Gasol, seeing how he was the only guy in double figures)

9) When Nazr Mohammad and Daequan Cook are extending the lead, you can get the bus warm

8) Lionel Hollins might have shown more effort than the Grizz tonight

7) If the Thunder are going to get bench scoring, they could start looking like more than wildly entertaining championship pretenders

6) There's a reasonable chance that the #8 seed is finally remembering that they are a #8 seed

5) Finally, the Thunder figured out how to close out the game when they had a huge lead

4) There is no truth to the rumor that the media at the game asked both teams if they got a lot of rest during the bye

3) The NBA really needs to figure out how to make the schedule more flexible

2) Any game where someone named Ishmael Smith, Royal Ivey and Nate Robinson hit the floor isn't likely to require your full attention to the end

1) If you only started watching this series in Game Five and wonder what all of the fuss is about, just wait for it, we promise

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