Sunday, May 8, 2011

20 Lakers Mavericks Game Four Takeaways

20) It only seemed as if every shot that the Mavericks made in the first half was a three-pointer

19) At some point, one has to wonder if any Laker could stay in front of his man on defense, or wanted to

18) Dallas Fan started to sound bored by anything that wasn't a three

17) After this last game and series, Laker Fan is ready for Phil Jackson to move on and the team to get blown up, since it's clear that Jackson has lost the team, and that the team is crap

16) You kept wondering if the Lakers would make a run, show some effort, or just peel off their jerseys and leave them on the floor and walk into the stands... and then Andrew Bynum more or less did just that

15) There is no truth to the rumor that ABC looked to switch off to a far more competitive and appealing D-League game after the first half

14) The Dallas bench outscored the Lakers entire team in the first half, mostly because they weren't booking their vacation travel plans during the game

13) The ABC/ESPN crew looked personally offended by the Lakers' "effort" in the first half, as if they've never seen a team quit and be human garbage before

12) There remains no evidence, statistical or otherwise, that DeShawn Stevenson and Steve Blake knew what team he plays for

11) Ron Artest had his a third quarter uncontested layup blocked by the rim, missed a three, then didn't close on Jason Terry for another three, ending all suspense in the matter and finally convincing Laker Fan that the the team would be better off with Trevor Ariza

10) The idea that Andrew Bynum will be deterred by a suspension to start 2011 is ridiculous, since 2011 might not happen, and even if it did, Bynum is likely to be hurt anyway

9) You have to admire the creativity of any two-time defending champion that has its run ended by a runt back-up point guard, a twice-released three-point shooter, and a team that routinely gets bounced by underdogs

8) The Lakers tried to tape a PSA for Mother's Day, but gave up halfway through

7) Laker Fan is going to miss Matt Barnes very, very, very little

6) I'm not saying that the Lakers clowned the Mavs, but Mark Cuban threw a bucket of confetti at the Laker bench

5) On the bright side for Laker Fan, he stopped watching in the second quarter, and had the rest of his afternoon free

4) Lamar Odom added some footage for his reality show and started his summer vacation early with a pointless elbow flagrant foul and ejection

3) Andrew Bynum added some footage for the police reel and started his summer injury rehad early with a beyond pointless flagrant foul and ejection

2) The idea that anyone outside of Los Angeles feels sorry for how things ended for Phil Jackson is absolutely and positively laughable

1) If you are a Laker Hater and don't feel absolutely and totally vindicated by your distaste for the roster by this game, I don't know what else you could ask for

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snd_dsgnr said...

That Bynum play was one of the most bush league things I've seen at any level. At least Odom went after someone more or less his size.

Bynum took a cheap shot at a guy that he outweighs by 100 pounds, then put on his best hardass face while walking out.

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