Sunday, May 15, 2011

25 Grizzlies Thunder Game Seven Takeaways

25) No one told Nick Collison that role players can't change Game Sevens, or that only Serge Ibaka can block a mess of shots in a hurry

24) You can kind of tell young teams in a Game Seven, since they play offense with both arms around their throats

23) To call Daequan Cook useless in the first half would be a dramatic understatement

22) In one sequence where Russell Westbrook executed a show and dish kick to Kevin Durant, who then hit a three, the Thunder defined why they can be spectacular, especially when Westbrook passes the damn ball

21) Kendrick Perkins not only shot from outside, but made it to give the Thunder a 10-point lead and a thoroughly predictable media mouth job

20) The Thunder start every game with a few points advantage from shooting free throws so well

19) If you didn't know that Shane Battier went to Duke, you could have guessed from his cheap blocking calls, weak overall performance and general uselessness

18) Even if it is a good percentage shot, there's just something dispiriting about watching Marc Gasol shoot from distance

17) Mike Conley proved that just because you've got a foul to give, that doesn't mean you should

16) The Thunder really seem to enjoy taking dumb technical fouls that help keep the other team in it

15) When Thabo Sefalosha is hurting you on offense, it's not your day

14) When Russell Westbrook rebounds, he does it in a way that makes you wonder why he doesn't get triple doubles all the time

13) After seven games of Z-Bo, Thunder Fan is looking forward to the relative ease of Dirk Nowitzki

12) Shockingly, the Thunder offense looked its best in the game where Westbrook played the most like a point guard, and took the fewest shots

11) Zach Randolph really is the new Charles Barkley, only without the passing

10) Memphis shot 32% in the first three quarters and wasn't blown out, which tells you a little something about the Thunder, really

9) In the fourth quarter, Nazr Mohammed make back to back shots at the end of the shot clock for probably the first time in his life

8) Westbrook messed around, got a triple double

7) It took until Game 7 for ESPN to admit that Seattle has a beef for not having this team anymore

6) Grizzly Fan can not possibly have asked for more fight, or a more satisfying year, from his team

5) For everyone who wants to talk about how character matters, OJ Mayo vastly outplayed Battier today

4) Not only does Memphis not have three-point shooting to close deficits, they also take too long in the shot clock on their two pointers

3) It was especially nice of the Thunder to make the highlight reel montage easy with killshot highlight clown buckets

2) Nate Robinson fulfilled his destiny as garbage time celebration scorer

1) Kevin Durant' had 39 points on 25 shots, 9 boards, 4 three-pointers, 2 assists and 3 blocks in a the biggest game of his career... to date

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