Sunday, May 15, 2011

25 Heat Bulls Game One Takeaways

25) If you were looking for early harbingers, two Bull turnovers lead to two Heat dunks, and you're an idiot

24) There isn't a possession that Mike Bibby is on the floor where the Bulls aren't looking to take advantage of that fact

23) Chris Bosh is looking a lot happier in this series against Carlos Boozer, as opposed to Kevin Garnett

22) If I were Tom Thibadeau, I'd spend the first two quarters doing nothing more than trying to get James and Wade in foul trouble

21) In a dramatic coaching maneuver, Erik Spoelstra went for a bench filled with smaller has-been stiffs like Jamal Magloire, rather than bigger has-been stiffs like Zydrunas Ilgauskas

20) The refs allowed the Heat to play 6-on-5 for two seconds without a technical foul call, scandalizing the TNT crew

19) Don't be surprised if you see more "roll the ball up the court to save time off the clock" in this series than any other

18) Reggie Miller may have betrayed his rooting allegiance in this game by fully marking out for a first quarter Taj Gibson dunk in transition

17) By the way, the fact that Miller is a 3-man booth with Marv Albert and Steve Kerr makes the TNT broadcast 40% worse

16) Bosh isn't a big enough star to get the call when he does that pump fake / lean into the closing defender thing

15) Omer Asik is starting to get the full-time media mouth job that only a competent and unexpected big man presence can get, in the basketball equivalent of praising an offensive lineman or situational reliever

14) If you combined the strengths of Mike Bibby and Mario Chalmers, I'm still not sure you have a quality point guard

13) There is no truth to the rumor, as far as we know, that the Heat management put in for a triple order of tissues in the event of difficulties

12) If the Heat can't start getting some defensive rebounds, this series isn't going to go very long

11) Miami desperately needs to make open threes against this defense, especially on the road

10) It's one thing when Miami's non-star players don't score, but quite another when they don't pass or rebound

9) Since Bosh showed up in this game, the chance of postgame tears is only at 40%

8) As good as Rose was tonight, it's still worrisome when your point guard has 6 assists and 4 turnovers, though the relatively few shots taken was good

7) When James and Wade combine to shoot 12 of 32, the Heat aren't beating a lottery team, let alone the #1 seed at home

6) If this game is to be believed, the Pacers and Hawks are much better than the Heat

5) I'm not sure if Udonis Haslem got on the court to get off the rust, or just to see if he's still got the lateral quickness necessary to foul

4) When the presumed favorite can't even make a serious fourth quarter run, that's kind of telling

3) The final play of Wade's night was a careless turnover, which was also all kinds of telling

2) The last time James played this badly in a playoff game, Delonte West was rumored to be doing something illicit with his mom

1) Gibson's closing seconds spike dunk close was the basketball equivalent of a money shot

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