Wednesday, May 18, 2011

25 Heat Bulls Game Two Takeaways

25) In the second quarter, you have to wonder if Dwyane Wade didn't try for a chasedown block not just because he had two fouls, but also because he didn't want to be on another poster

24) When Chicago brings the defensive wood, it doesn't seem like Miami can get a shot off, let alone score... but they can't do that for 48 minutes

23) LeBron James bailed out on defending an end of quarter heave from Luol Deng, and that three points mattered... not at all

22) Stopping Carlos Boozer seems disturbingly easy for a scoring power forward with a great point guard

21) In the first half, Dwyane Wade's degree of difficulty on makes in the paint was off the charts

20) Kyle Korver and Mike Bibby have one job for both of their teams, and spent most of the first half not doing it

19) Udonis Haslem's third quarter dunks was fairly life-changing

18) When Derrick Rose isn't shooting for a good percentage, the Chicago offense really doesn't seem Final Fourish

17) The TNT broadcast crew really doesn't seem to be emotionally ready to handle runs

16) You could have got great odds from the idea that Haslem, Bibby and Jamal Magloire would actually have moments of competence, especially on the road

15) As Haslem's emergence shows, the Heat look a lot better when they actually have a power forward on the floor

14) Defense gets a lot easier to play when the refs put the whistles away

13) Conspiracy Heat Fan has a clear lost possession and a Taj Gibson hanging on the rim violation to add to the files

12) For a team with two stars that get a ton of calls from the refs, the Heat really didn't go to the line in the clutch

11) Dwyane Wade and Omer Asik both bladed, which means this game really should have been on pay per view

10) It would be really hard for the Heat's Big 3 to show up less in the first 7.5 minutes of the fourth quarter tonight

9) James' three with 4:30 left was a terrible possession, three points for the Heat, and the beginning of the end for the Bulls

8) Chicago's a great defensive team with a tremendous defensive coach, so I'm sure there's some genius reason for why Rose was on James for another key fourth-quarter make

7) You can't play defense for as long and as hard as these two teams play, and still have legs for any kind of offense late

6) Gibson's dunk through six hundred pounds of Heat was amazing, and one more reason why Boozer on the floor late does not happen

5) For the second time in this playoffs, Wade knocked an opponent out of the game with physicality

4) Now that Chicago has lost Game Two, everything that we learned at the end of Game One is meaningless

3) Kyle Korver and Mike Bibby aren't the worst defensive players in the Association, but they certainly look that way in this series

2) If James keeps ending teams with fourth quarter closing runs like this, he's going to completely blow his persona as a clutch time choke artist

1) It tells you a lot about the Heat bench that a 13/5 night from Haslem will be fellated for the rest of the week

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