Sunday, May 22, 2011

40 Bulls Heat Game Three Takeaways

40) Heat Fan showed up for the opening tap and was loud, showing that they do have another gear in the playoffs

39) If we got four quarters of defense like the first quarter, the game would end in the '60s with a brawl or six

38) I've seen Rucker League games with more success and less contact

37) On some level, I'm rooting for Joakim Noah to really get freaky looking later in life

36) Heat Fan continues to get grief for dressing alike, even though every home crowd does that now

35) Noah's second foul would have been a flagrant and a technical in a game that was officiated like the regular season, or an MMA fight

34) When you force feed Carlos Boozer early, you increase the chance of the opposition getting block-happy

33) Both of these teams should shoot early in the clock, since long possessions that end with a shot hitting the rim are good ones in this matchup

32) Joel Anthony blocked so many shots in the first quarter, Heat Fan forgot that he's been wildly erratic for most of this series

31) Craig Sager dressed in key lime, because Miami never left the '80s, or he shops in Key West tranny stores

30) There is no truth to the rumor that Chris Bosh responded to Taj Gibson's second quarter trash talk by quoting his pay on a per-game basis

29) Bulls players have a bounty of dunking on Bosh, just as Heat players have a bounty for dunking on Boozer

28) One of these games, Mike Miller will have a positive moment, especially if he ever gets the DNP-CD he deserves

27) Boozer and Bosh dueled in the second quarter, just to prove that you can be soft and still get numbers in the playoffs

26) Your best point guards in this game were Noah and LeBron James

25) When Mike Bibby actually hits a three, it's like found money

24) TNT would rather show replays than when two guys get into each other after the whistle

23) I'm not prepared to live in a world where both Boozer and Bosh show up in a critical playoff game, though admittedly, they did it against each other

22) Noah seems immune to technical fouls, despite reacting to every call like a woman at a "Maury" taping

21) TNT showed a sign from a Miami fan about the Rapture, which was nearly as big of a reach as the tie-in with the new "X-Man" movie

20) Luol Deng's late third-quarter threes were massive, in that they closed the lead in a game that looked to be going south

19) James might make more bailout shots than anyone else in the Association

18) TNT insists on showing Tom Thibodeau's reaction on every shot clock violation, since they are an especially vile affront to him

17) Noah may have yelled a homosexual slur at the Miami crowd, proving that his trash talk isn't as imaginative as his hair

16) The Bulls score easier than the Heat, but the Heat have more guys who can hit tough shots

15) This game showed why Gibson doesn't start

14) If this Bosh had showed up in the regular season, the Heat wouldn't have had so many sad sequences

13) The Heat seem incapable of shooting without a pump fake

12) Rose can finish in a thousand ways in the open court, many of them impossible

11) When Bosh is doing his Gladiator impersonation and dunk, your interior defense is just not cutting it

10) Udonis Haslem gives Miami the garbage man they've needed all year

9) Judging from Reggie Miller's commentary, he never fell for a pump fake in his life as a player

8) If you like possessions that end with multiple shot blocks, these are the teams for you

7) Kyle Korver trying to guard James in transition is just plain sad

6) For a team with a pronounced bench edge, the Bulls really are having issues in the fourth quarter

5) Since Wade brings the ball up, you'd think the Bulls would go for more full-court pressure

4) Somehow, the loss of Omer Asik doesn't seem like the whole difference in this one

3) The Goodyear Blimp's offensive interference irritates me

2) It's starting to seem like the Bulls can't win unless Rose is the best player on the court, and by a wide margin

1) James seems to have fixed that whole "can't close" problem

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