Thursday, May 19, 2011

40 Thunder Mavericks Game Two Takeaways

40) For the second straight night in the playoffs, a game-changing dunk from the road team featured prominently, because some baskets are worth more than others, especially when they redefine awesome

39) Brendan Haywood had three fouls in two minutes in the first half, which is generally hard to do, unless you are Brendan Haywood

38) Mark Jackson went to puns in describing JJ Barea, which is to say that Mark Jakckson went for a scientific experiment in unbearable behavior

37) Dirk Nowitzki got bored of scoring all the points himself, so he decided to become the world's tallest point guard

36) As a short and plucky player, Barea might flop harder than anyone in he Association

35) Watching Jason Kidd own Westbrook was downright Master Sensei-esque

34) Shawn Marion will have borderline Hall of Fame numbers on advanced metrics, mostly because he spent most of his career playing for his generation's best point guards

33) Durant changed the game by dunking on Haywood, and risked scraping his knuckles on the ceiling

32) Dirk picked the wrong time to change out the video tape of him shooting a free throw perfectly

31) DeShawn Stevenson actually had a moment or two that helped his team, but remains a thoroughly regrettable human being

30) Between Peja Stojakovic, Kidd and Barea, the Mavs might lead the league in premature baldness

29) The Thunder remain the most run-tastic team in the playoffs, mostly because Westrbook runs just that hot and cold

28) Tyson Chandler and Shawn Marion made a lot of dunks, which in this series means you lose

27) There is a cottage industry in the psychological examination of Westbrook

26) James Harden's four point play to close the third quarter was nearly as immense as his beard

25) For some reason that defies explanation, Dirk didn't shoot much at all for the first three quarters

24) Kevin Durant got his fourth foul with 10:27 left, and never got his fifth

23) I'm not emotionally prepared to live in a world where Barea is routinely useful, and why he didn't finish the game for Stevenson also boggles the mind

22) I can't be the only person who suffers with intermittent sound on ESPN's HD broadcasts, and given the ESPN broadcasting crew, suffering may be overstating things

21) There are more than a few times every game when Harden is the best player on the Thunder, and in this game, that was the whole damn game

20) The fact that both teams take care of business at the free throw line proves that they aren't fouling hard enough

19) When Nowitzki passes to Stevenson, Thunder Fan smiles

18) Thunder Fan wishes that Andrew Bynum had hit Barea a lot harder

17) Westbrook sat for the entire fourth quarter for Eric Maynor, and the Thunder were better for it, since they moved the ball, got it to their best players, and avoided turnovers

16) Collison blocked and stripped Dirk in crunch time to help give the Thunder their largest lead of the night, and Thunder Fan tremendous white pride... that lasted until the man missed two huge free throws later

15) It's hard to see how either of these teams can win when neither of them can stop the other team's best offensive player

14) The fact that Harden looks and plays like this at age 21 tells me that he may, in fact, be a Muppet

13) Mark Jackson kicked and puled for Westbrook's return in the fourth, despite the fact that he was ice cold and the bench was winning

12) Young bench players aren't supposed to win road games in the Conference Finals against grizzled veterans

11) Dirk fouled out Collison and milked it for three free throws due to his ridiculous body control, but then finally missed one

10) Watching Scott Brooks manage the end of games is just all kinds of amazing, really

9) The Mavs got away with several flagrant fouls under the rim on Peja's late three-second miss

8) In the middle of the biggest road win in franchise history, ESPN was far more concerned about Westbrook's mental state than anything else

7) As we learned after Miami won Game Two, Game One meant nothing and there's all kinds of time to panic

6) Durant was so shocked by the bench's performance and the win, he forgot to thank his deity, which might also be another sign of the upcoming Rapture

5) When you shoot 56% from the floor in a road game, you really should win the damn game

4) The Thunder still haven't lost consecutive games in the playoffs, which really doesn't seem all that impressive or rare, honestly

3) Serge Ibaka sat for most of the fourth quarter as well, but someone avoided psychoanalysis

2) Something else to love about the Thunder is that they are all too young to think that rebounding is someone else's job

1) Since the Thunder bench didn't blow the game late, Brooks gets to be smart... for now

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