Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ten Game 2 Celtics Heat Takeaways

10) The Heat seem to think that pretty baskets count for more points than ugly ones

9) Every Celtic player overcame incredible injuries, because it's that time of the month, and they all cycle together

8) Mario Chalmers shook off an injury, keeping us all from seeing Rajon Rondo crush Mike Bibby like a grape for the rest of the series

7) Chris Bosh keeps refusing to be the reason why his team loses, completely ruining the ready-made Heat playoff story that we all want to write

6) The Heat's shot-blocking, and his own age and terrible slowness, has made Jermaine O'Neal a 50% shooter on dunk attempts

5) Boston placed five men in double figures, two of them off the bench, which just goes to show how useless the concept of balance can be

4) LeBron James pretty much acts like a wrestling heel at home or away now

3) The bandwagon of people who think that Big Baby Davis can be a good NBA starter is starting to have a lot of leg and elbow room

2) If you want to see two teams who really compete at flopping while looking like Chinese martial arts movies where guys are being pulled on wires, this is so your series

1) Crunch time had all of the intensity, flow and watchability of a February D-League game, but if we're lucky, this series won't last much longer

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