Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ten Game 2 Grizzly Thunder Takeaways

10) Memphis made the Thunder play ugly, but the Thunder bench and bigs made it work

9) Darren Westbrook was better than Mike Conley tonight, but as long as he isn't a facilitator, the Thunder's days are numbered

8) When Marc Gasol and Zach Randolphis aren't hitting for a high percentage, the Grizz are a lot easier to defend

7) At least once a game, Kevin Durant draws a spectacularly cheap foul from just having faster hands on his release than anyone else

6) Memphis really hasn't gotten the memo that the modern NBA is all about shooting threes, which kind of compromises their ability to come back from big deficits

5) The announce team sounded surprised that Oklahoma City loves their team, as if it's hard to enjoy the way they play hoop

4) This was the game that the Thunder got Kendrick Perkins for, and while the numbers don't show much, you judge him by what his man did, not his own numbers

3) Eric Maynor going back to useful is all kinds of helpful for the Thunder

2) Darrell Arthur might have received the most ticky-tack technical in the history of the Association in this game

1) I'm not saying that Memphis mailed in this one, but only because Memphis is more of a FedEx hub

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