Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ten Game Three Heat Celtics Takeaways

10) The Celtics decided to defend 94 feet tonight, which is kind of a good idea when you are playing a team whose weakest starters are their point guards

9) There is no truth to the rumor that the federal government is looking to save witness protection program money by bringing in Chris Bosh as a consultant

8) The guy wearing Shaquille O'Neal's jersey really needs to knock it off, because it's just more sad than funny

7) Boston Fan is running out of guys to boo when they touch the ball

6) So long as Boston lets Shaq ooze out on the court, the Heat may have finally found a team with a worse bench

5) It was nice of Joel Anthony to give the Heat a single big man that gave a damn

4) ABC nauseated millions by showing Rajon Rondo's elbow doing something monstrous

3) Miami showed exceptional sportsmanship / unforgivable softness by refusing to take advantage of Rondo playing with just one arm

2) I'm not saying that the Heat did a job in losing this game, but they did come out to the Russian National Anthem, hit Rondo's elbow with a steel chair, then counted the lights on the ceiling

1) By the time Celtic Fan And Media get done talking about this, you'll think that Rondo cured cancer by returning after injury, and that everyone in the NBA adores Kevin Garnett

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