Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ten Game Two Hawks Bulls Takeaways

10) If Bulls Fan is lucky, Derrick Rose will stop trying so hard to justify that MVP award sooner rather than later

9) The single best thing that happened to the Hawks before this series was having Kirk Hinrich get hurt, since Jeff Teague has done a better job defensively and hasn't turned the ball over

8) My five-year-old daughter is convinced that Joakim Noah is an ugly girl, and I see no reason to correct her on this

7) Despite being a close game with good flow and big plays, this was pretty much a rock fight, since neither shot even 40% from the floor

6) If Al Horford and Joe Jackson aren't doing special things, it's hard to see how Atlanta can win

5) The Bulls have still not lost two games in a row at home this year, and can't unless they make it to the next round

4) Rose managed to avoid getting injuired in the final seconds of a game where he didn't need to be in

3) Josh Smith really is almost a case study of how far you can get on athletic ability alone

2) Chicago had 19 more boards and 5 less blocks, which is pretty hard to do, really

1) It's still hard to see how this series goes less than six, or how either team isn't an underdog to Miami in the next series right now

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