Monday, May 2, 2011

Top 10 Game One Hawks Bulls Takeaways

10) Atlanta made it a series by opening the game with a 9-0 run

9) If MVP Derrick Rose isn't going to crush Jeff Teague, that's going to make for one terrible looking MVP award... and no, I have no clue why he's on the floor to re-injure his ankle in the final meaningless seconds, either

8) Bulls Fan is really hoping that his team is just addicted to drama and plays to the level of their opponent

7) Joe Johnson actually looked worth his contract tonight

6) The Hawks won the battle of the bench with people like Zazu Pachalia and Jarron Collins, which hardly seems possible

5) When the Bulls bring the intensity on defense, but still have Kyle Korver on the floor, that doesn't really work

4) Atlanta got an inordinate number of loose balls and second-chance points that seemed lucky, but when you lead most of the game as a road team, luck doesn't really seem to matter

3) When Joakim Noah gets a technical foul, he gets his money's worth

2) We'd all like to thank Bulls Coach Tom Thibadeau and the Bulls for not calling a lot of timeouts or managing the clock, so that their loss closed out without a lot of annoying end-game delays

1) Celtic and Heat Fan feels an awful lot better about their chances to reach the Finals right about now

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