Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Top 10 Game One Mavs Lakers Takeaways

10) The Mavs gave up three free throws when Jason Terry fouled Lamar Odom on a fullcourt heave before the half, then an extra point on a technical foul on Dirk Nowitzki, and if they had not done this, they could have won the game with relative ease

9) Shockingly, Derek Fisher seems to enjoy playing the only team in the NBA where he's not embarrassingly slower than the other team's point guard

8) When the Lakers are ahead and Kobe Bryant is shooting for a low percentage, he's just "setting the tone with his aggressiveness", rather than being carried by his bigs

7) Ron Artest's transformation from oft-whistled malcontent to wiley provacateur is complete, but when he gets too happy, Three Point Ron is Lurking

6) If the Mavs could only make this series more about the bench than the starters, they'd win in a walk

5) Pau Gasol is really becoming Laker Fan's Designated Goat... but Jason Kidd's last second free-throw miss also could have easily qualified

4) Corey Brewer looks an awful lot more useful than DeShawn Stevenson, which doesn't exactly surprise anyone who has seen DeShawn Stevenson play, though only Shawn Marion seems to actually be able to hinder Kobe Bryant

3) When the point guard battle is between Steve Blake and JJ Barea, it's as if you are watching a pro game from the '50s, or a college game from right now

2) With 20 seconds left, Phil Jackson chose three different players to guard Dirk, which meant that he really doesn't have anyone that he trusts to guard Dirk

1) With Miami being the only team to defend its home court in Game One, we are just six more losses away from the dream of neither the Celtics nor the Lakers being in the Finals

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