Monday, May 30, 2011

Top 10 reasons the NBA took so much time off before the Finals

10) Couldn't figure out a way to tie in the Finals into "Hangover 2" or "Brides-maids"

9) Time off required to get Jason Kidd's full paperwork into Social Security

8) Days off allow national media to remember about the existence of Caron Butler

7) Erik Spoelstra just grew the first hair on his chin, and as such, medical attention was required

6) Allows for national audience to know the full details and ramifications of Jason Terry's tattoo plans

5) Without this extra time off, we might not have had time for the wildly premature LeBron James / Michael Jordan comparisons

4) Most of Miami area still not aware of existence of team, so the time off is being used to good advantage

3) Mark Cuban lobbied for the extra time to make sure that his hosting of the finals completely upstages Jerry Jones at the Super Bowl

2) Extra time allowed for Dwyane Wade to manufacture some drama for missing a practice

1) Without the time off, no one would know when the Finals were going to happen, or that they are important

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