Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top 10 reasons the Royals left Vin Mazzaro in

Tonight in Kansas City, Vin Mazzaro took something fairly epic for the team, giving up 14 runs in a 2.1 inning stint against the Indians. Why did the team leave him in for the full punishment?

10) Were sending him to the minors anyway, so they might as well do it with cause

9) Wanted to set some sort of record for cruelty

8) Hacked an account and snuck him onto a friend's fantasy team for the day

7) Trying to single-handedly return Matt LaPorta's prospect status

6) Pushing for Cleveland Fan's Best Week Ever, assuming the Bulls keep punking the Heat

5) Since Mazzaro didn't take the loss, his 22.74 ERA is all OK

4) It's not easy to get Travis Hafner and Jack Hannahan numbers

3) They are big Lester McCrab fans, and there's no better way to get the man back in the news

2) Innovative attempt to give the thousands of people in the outfield seats a souvenir home run ball

1) Best way to get Mazaro back to Oakland, where he was just forgettable, rather than historically atrocious

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