Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the Lakers hired Mike Brown

10) Loved his give the ball to his star and watch him do something offense

9) Wanted something as completely different from Phil Jackson as possible

8) Figure that the local media won't savage a cuddly black guy as badly as a bitter white man when the team falls apart this year

7) He'll be easy to fire in midseason when the team needs a spark

6) Feel that his faster clapping pace will make up for his inability to do that loud Phil whistle

5) Liked his ability to send text messages to his players that they won't read, rather than give them books they won't read

4) Best way to really kick Brian Shaw in the teeth

3) By bringing him in, the Lakers have the inside track on getting both Eric Snow and Boobie Gibson to shore up the point guard problem

2) Gives Laker Fan an easy rooting interest when Aging Kobe feuds with the coach

1) It's not as if anyone better really wants to try to fill Phil Jackson's shoes

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