Friday, May 20, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the NBA is taking 72 hours off

10) As Oklahoma City is a full three hour drive away, the teams clearly need time to recover from the arduous travel

9) By giving the Bulls and Heat more time off, the national media gets to avoid still-frozen Chicago a little longer, and that is very, very important

8) If we don't extend this as much as possible, we won't be able to tie the action into more summer blockbusters in ham-handed ads

7) Charles Barkley has been working way too many 6-hour days to possibly keep up with this pace

6) Time off gives the populace the critical time away from heavy rotation ads that are making far too many people want to kill Kill KILL

5) It's Chris Bosh's time of the month, by which we mean that he's got a lot to do around the house and for his family

4) Joakim Noah needs the extra time to muster up the three tickets that his Florida homecoming will demand

3) With two games in South Beach in front of him, Craig Sager needs every possible second to work out wardrobe

2) The extra time will help Thunder Fan figure out what they are going to wear to the game

1) Um, there's probably some sort of money involved

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