Thursday, May 5, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the NBA suspended Ron Artest for Game Three

10) Somehow didn't buy into the idea that fouling a midget with 24 seconds left was a competitive act

9) Really want the series to go long, which means getting Ron off the court by any means necessary

8) Just have it in for guys who work hard to run through teammates to hammer opponents who are half their size in the open court

7) Think he needs some more time with his analyst

6) Worried about him now that he's got to play against talent that's above the D-League, unlike the first round

5) Looking forward to seeing what the Lakers look like when clean-cut and wholesome Matt Barnes takes the starting spot

4) Believe that a little less Testy in a state where lots and lots of people like their guns a little too much is a good thing

3) By taking a name big off the floor, they give Kobe Bryant another excuse to hoist up 30+ shots, which is all anybody wants to see at this stage of the series

2) Adds extra drama to the end-of-year highlight DVD, because nothing excites the Lakers like More Drama

1) They didn't have the balls to suspend him for the rest of the series

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