Sunday, May 1, 2011

Top 12 Game One Thunder Grizzly Takeaways

12) The Grizz has now won four of five games from the Thunder this year, became just the second 8th seed to win Game One of the second round series, and crushed in every hustle stat

11) Kevin Durant may be the ony guy in the league who can score 33 points in a high percentage shooting night and be, well, contained

10) Zach Randolph might be the hardest working star in the NBA, which might be the strangest development in league history

9) For eight glorious minutes in the third quarter, the game went by without a timeout or substitution, as a living illustration of what actual flow can look like

8) The Memphis bench has a huge edge as long as Eric Maynor plays like the worst back up point guard in the league

7) The Grizz do not care about runs or blocked shots, since they can just be countered by second chance offensive rebounds and not turning the ball over

6) I'd like to personally thank ABC for deciding that this game deserved the "B" announcers, which meant that we were spared Mark Jackson Cookie Monster Voice

5) When the Grizz settle for OJ Mayo shooting threes or Shane Battier in the post, that's about the only time they weren't great offensively

4) Russell Westbrook had big overall numbers and huge overall shakiness, especially when trying to finish at the rim

3) The fact that Kevin Durant does not defend Randolph, and vice versa, means that both guys are going to be huge

2) As good as Serge Ibaka is at off the ball defending, he's not as good one on one, which means that Randolph is going to be a problem all series long for OKC

1) I'm not saying that Kendrick Perkins didn't show up for this game, but Marc Gasol kept making flat-footed free throw line shots, and Perk was autographing milk cartons after the game

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