Monday, May 9, 2011

Top 15 consolations for Laker Fans

15) At least your team went out in a really, um, memorable way

14) Some part of you has felt bad about the Sactown Screw Job for all of these years, so you have to feel good about that Peja Stojakovic performance

13) Seeing Mark Cuban smile makes every thing all right

12) As Phil Jackson has clearly lost the team, it's OK that he's leaving

11) If Brian Shaw gets the head coaching job, he'll totally be able to keep Kobe Bryant in line and playing a team game

10) At least you won't torture yourselves over individual moments, or how close you came to the threepeat

9) While the Celtics are alive, they don't look like a sure thing, and so long as they don't win, you're actually OK with anything

8) 99% of the fan base stopped watching in the second quarter of Game Four, so you all saved a lot of time and trouble

7) You won't have to worry about the usual championship riot

6) Any minute now, Pau Gasol will find some heart and backbone

5) You weren't all that thrilled with rooting for much of this roster anyway

4) Being the second-most appealing franchise in town will only last until Blake Griffin gets hurt or leaves via free agency

3) If NBA history is any guide, you'll be watching the best years of Dwight Howard's career any minute now

2) Given how many miles are on Kobe Bryant's knees, having his season end in early May has to be a help

1) Now that the team is no longer a champion, the same front office that brought in Theo Rafliff, Steve Blake, Matt Barnes and Derrick Caracter will have the freedom they need to make widespread changes

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