Monday, May 9, 2011

Top 20 Heat Celtics Game Four Takeaways

20) Big Baby Davis might not be much of a basketball player, but he makes a mighty fine log

19) Reggie Miller hasn't quit figured out why the Heat don't run more, having never really understood the idea of causing turnovers or getting defensive rebounds

18) Erik Spoelstra decided to counter Doc Rivers' activation of useless and rusty Shaquille O'Neal with useless and rusty Udonis Haslem

17) Boston Fan is said to be the best in the NBA (mostly by Boston Fan), but can't get to the game on time because of that oh so nasty traffic

16) In warm ups, Chis Bosh likes to have every member of his own team dunk on him, just to get used to it

15) Mike Bibby likes to run back on defense on his own turnovers, just so he can be in the frame on the highlight

14) The incriminating photographs that ensure Mike Miller's playing time must be spectacular in their awfulness

13) Miami is younger, more athletic, and better in the open court, which is why they never pressure the ball in the backcourt

12) To describe the first half of the fourth quarter as a rock fight is an insult to rocks

11) According to Miller again, road teams exactly want to hang around, rather than, say, crush their opponent and win easily

10) To call the Heat ballhandling in the clutch cavalier would be an insult to Cleveland... this year

9) If LeBron James is actually going to hit clutch free throws, that's a whole 'nother story

8) You'd think that the Celtics' opponents might think to guard the three-point line in crunch time by now, but you'd be wrong

7) It's really not fair to say the Heat choked away a fourth quarter lead in this game, since chokes involve a measure of surprise

6) Paul Pierce Hero Mode for the win at the buzzer... really doesn't work very often

5) Kevin Garnett didn't do much to further that whole "I Own Chris Bosh" meme

4) Miami's crunch time offense of no passing and waiting for a hero to bail them out seems just a little bit predictable

3) Especially after Game 3's Fountain Of Youth act, it was nice to see the return of Garnett's Clutch Time Goat Horns

2) You could have won a nice chunk of money by betting on Bosh to be the overtime hero

1) The Heat are just one win away from giving us all the spectacular gift that is a Finals devoid of the Celtics and Lakers

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alcyonekris said...

While reading this post, I nearly spilled my coffee on my only keyboard, which would have been a huge setback as I am in the midst of procrastinating by reading this and writing a paper due at 8 AM. 12 and 16 were definitely the best. Bosh-trich might just be Pau-level soft. 20 just made me mad, still not over it.

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