Monday, June 6, 2011

35 Heat Mave Game Three Takeaways

Why 35? Because I spent Sunday clearing out a home for my mother-in-law, and can barely move my fingers as is. Let's just get into the takeaways for the third straight wildly entertaining game to watch...

35) Dirk Nowitzki at the three point line shows the world just how little Chris Bosh can cover him

34) Shockingly, the announce team was OK with the NBA 's decision to give Lenny Wilkens an award

33) Calling Bosh afraid to shoot is more or less accurate, which is odd given how the final stretch went

32) LeBron James gets upset on obvious foul committed

31) Tyson Chandler is the kind of hustle player that only really shows up at home

30) Both of these teams look utterly helpless in the face of a run

29) Dwyane Wade actually had Peja Stojakovic one on one and didn't score

28) When the Heat hit their threes, they really are a championship level team -- but only then

27) Both teams are starting to look like they don't have the legs to defend the three point line

26) Shawn Marion became the first man in the Finals to agree with a foul called against him

25) Someone actually bought a jump fake from Juwan Howard, as if he can still jump

24) Mario Chalmers is starting to look like a much better idea than Mike Bibby

23) Dallas showed that when a single drink is spilled, it takes then five minutes to get it cleaned up

22) Ian Mahimi got whistled at more than a Playmate at a construction site

21) I'm really not sure I'm going to be able to take a long series with this announcing crew

20) If you are defending the Mavs pick and roll, giving up a three to Dirk seems like a worse option than a layup attempt by JJ Barea

19) No one buys flops when they come against Barea

18) Wade's poor three point shooting was cited, as if Wade was actually good at shooting threes

17) James was actually called for a travel on a fast break

16) Wade's rebounding was, once again, huge

15) The Heat's best defense seems to be make Jason Terry beat us

14) Miami's celebrations in the fourth quarter seemed muted this time around, at least in comparison to Game 2

13) I can't be the only household having intermittent sound from the World Wide Lemur's HD coverage

12) James turning the ball over is greeted with the same glee as a wrestling heel taking a blow from his own manager

11) While the Heat look like the better team, they don't necessarily have the better nerves when closing

10) The first 43 minutes seem kinda pointless when you just play even games every night

9) Dirk's really quite good at this shooting free throw things

8)_When the Mavs get into the bonus, it's scary, since it means Dallas can score from offensive rebounding fouls

7) Targeting Bosh in crunch time is all kinds of smart

6) Wade looked like a guy who has won a Finals before tonight, but so did Dirk

5) James is no longer getting calls in crunch time, which is just making 90% of the people watching the telecast gleeful

4) Bosh actually hit an important long jump shot to give the Heat the lead, just to make traditional NBA fan throw up

3) Why Dirk is passing to Shawn Marion with 30 seconds left, we'll never know

2) Udonis Haslem shutting down Dirk on the final shot was all kinds of 2006-ish

1) Since Miami was able to win the last 5 seconds of an essentially coin flip game, the series is clearly over

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