Tuesday, June 7, 2011

40 Heat Mavericks Game Four Takeaways

40) Chris Bosh started hot, just to continue to irritate his haters

39) The entire game came down to a first quarter lane violation

38) Mark Jackson likes to call whistled fouls as clean plays, which just says all kinds of good things about Golden State's future

37) Brendan Haywood returned, and that just changed everything, really

36) LeBron James committed a terrible called and technical against DeShawn Stevenson and Rick Carlisle, because the world didn't hate him enough yet

35) Between the bricks and the flops, the first quarter made even Heat fans hate the Heat

34) JJ Barea kept ending good possessions with back-breaking misses

33) The difference between these two teams could be as simple as the Heat converting more in transition

32) Bosh's shooting touch is particularly amazing, given how he appears to be cross-eyed and a lizard

31) Stevenson made multiple threes again, just because he hates James that much

30) You have to think that when a guy flops as badly as James did, the refs eventually see the replay, and don't give him a call the rest of the night

29) Watching Dwyane Wade finish in traffic and rebound, you'd never guess that he was 6'-4"

28) Dirk Nowitzki didn't get to the foul line in the first half, because that's when the refs got the memo that he hadn't gone to the foul line

27) When Mike Bibby plays good defense, the announce team seems surprised

26) Brian Cardinal can't get a charge called to save his life

25) The James to Wade alley oop with 14 minutes left deserved every bit of the highlight reel treatment

24) Miami's 4-point lead at the end of the third seemed actually meaningful, given how tight the game had been all night long

23) Since Dirk didn't shoot well in this game with a fever, he no longer has any similarity to Larry Bird, or the heart of Michael Jordan

22) I missed the memo where the only way to describe a made jump shot became "knocks one down"

21) When the Heat take a lead from sharing the ball, the story is how James' teammates carried him, because the media really is that stupid

20) Dallas went to a zone, which helped, but then Wade decided to just be superhuman at both ends of the floor

19) Miami fell apart against a zone for vast stretches of the fourth, because the zone was just that unexpected

18) The Heat's defense in the fourth quarter seemed to consist entirely of Wade trying to block dunk attempts

17) You had to love this game if you are a James hater, seeing how he had 8 points and a shameful flop that will be replayed for 48 hours

16) Both teams looked absolutely gassed late, which the announce team attributed to manliness

15) Once again with feeling: the Heat have trouble closing

14) Dallas Fan actually groaned at a beyond obvious Stevenson foul with two minutes left

13) Chandler had 16 boards, all of them big

12) Wade's sneaky bad at free throws, which came back to bite Miami with 30 seconds left

11) For the third straight game, the contest wasn't decided until the final shot

10) Udonis Haslem couldn't stop Dirk in crunch time for the second straight game, and was lucky to not get whistled for an and one

9) Wade intelligently drove and dunked with 9 seconds left

8) Rick Carlisle put in an ice-cold Peja Stojakovic with nine seconds left, just to terrify Dallas Fan

7) Expect Miami to pule over the free throw disparity in the fourth quarter, as if that was the reason why they blew another lead

6) Wade's fumble and Miller's heave miss proves that Dallas has to win the series, since Dirk overcame illness and they've got momentum, aka the last win

5) Dallas Fan has to be happy, seeing how the boards showed that they also receive a free crispy beef taco

4) Let me be the first of millions to tell you that it's a best of three now

3) Seriously, look back at that first quarter lane violation, that's the whole key to the game right there

2) Since Dirk came through in the clutch, everyone can ignore the fact that Jason Terry struggled in the clutch again

1) I don't care if you don't like either of these teams, the hoop is pretty righteous

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