Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Few Brief and Obvious Points About The NBA Finals That You Aren't Likely To Hear On ESPN

The ratings are the same, or better, as last year's Finals between Boston and Los Angeles, and the playoffs in general have been higher.

Dallas and Miami are not major media markets, and yet these Finals are doing fine.

The Association does not need, prosper, or benefit from the same teams going to the Finals every year, or for old and hard to watch players and teams winning.

This point will not be made by Boston or LA Writer or Fan, or just be argued away as Everyone's Watching Because They Hate LeBron James.

(Despite the fact that James had the highest selling jersey in the NBA this year.)

Rather, there is this:

Up and down basketball, with high degrees of athleticism and players who can take your breath away with stupendous feats...

Is more fun to watch than pick/roll/flop.

We now return you to the Finals, which are already more entertaining than last year's seven games of intestinal surgery...


The Truth said...

You may want to do some research on what a major media market is. Like Dallas being the 5th largest.

DMtShooter said...

Point taken.

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