Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Praying The Gay Away

I realize this is going to seem like Off-Topic, but it's actually not. Stay with me a little here; there's a little bit of sport going on, assuming you believe soccer is a sport.

In the Gray Lady, here's a story that just redefines sadness, really: it's the story of the Nigerian women's soccer team, and a coach who is taking credit for making sure that her team doesn't have The Gay.

I'll just let that sink in for a while, really. Her God is so powerful that she can make other people, those who rely on her for making sure that they can play the game they love for their country, do not engage in the sexual practice that they were in all likelihood born and hard-wired to be.

And I'd say more about this, really I would, but you already know what I'd be saying, right? That even the most thuggish and sluggish of us should be able to live and let live, that even the most demeaning people should feel little more than pity for the way in which others are, that the overwhelming likelihood that this person's players are simply repressed and covert, and that even the hetero players in their midst are now being suspected due to the coach's protesting too much... and that this stance is only bound to catch more attention, disgust, judgment and attention, thereby reflecting even worse on the person in question...

Well, you knew all of that already.

So let me just finish with this single point, since the site hasn't quite lived up to its mission statement recently...

On first glance of the photo, were you sure of the gender? And did you have a sense of what the sexual partner of such a person would be?

Let's just say an accessory would be in play. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

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