Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ten Most Surprising NBA Finals Developments

I don't know about you, but this playoff season was just filled with surprises -- both small and huge. Such as...

10) Jason Kidd would win his matchup in four straight series, despite finishing the regular season so badly that he was more or less given a leave of absence

9) Chris Bosh would be much more clutch in the Finals than LeBron James, and better than Dwyane Wade in the elimination game

8) JJ Barea would go from defensive sieve and questionable rotation player to unquestioned asset and starter

7) The Heat would go to Eddie House and Mario Chalmers in crunch time

6) DeShawn Stevenson would go from a guy who in no way justified his minutes in the first three rounds to a dead-eye three-point shooter in the Finals

5) Miami's biggest failure would be in crunch-time defense

4) Mark Cuban spent an entire playoff year keeping his mouth shut and away from the camera

3) It took 100 games for teams to figure out that the Heat don't like to play against a zone

2) Brian Cardinal helped an NBA team win a championship

1) James shot 60% from the floor in Game Six, but refused to shoot for most of the game...

Just amazing, really. Hope there's a season next year...

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