Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Top 10 takeaways from the Heat's mistaken championship ad

10) Macy's really must have been banking hard on not just a Heat win, but in six games or less

9) To be fair, they've been selling this stuff since last summer

8) They really go for Eastern Conference championships down there

7) Since the Game Three winner takes the series the majority of the time, the Heat losing this series must be some kind of clerical error

6) The parade's been planned forever, so you might as well have clothes to wear on that

5) It's not as if people still read newspapers

4) This is the first regrettable thing that Miami or its fans have done this year

3) Seeing how the stars have promised so many rings, you really are going to need to stock up on a lot of gear, whether it's accurate or not

2) From watching ESPN's coverage of this series, you can understand why the under-informed thought Miami must have won, seeing how they got the majority of the coverage

1) These are the same people who couldn't figure out a butterfly ballot, so expecting them to count to four isn't cutting it either

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