Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh, Canada

I don't usually comment on such things, since I do not care about pro hockey or sports team logo design... but take a look at this thing, really, and try to see it for anything but what it is: uninspired design for a franchise that looks like it stopped making any real progress in the mid-'80s.

You've got the dull color scheme, the forced cleverness of the leaf design in the background, and the font treatment that's as dull as the color scheme. But I also like the overhead perspective, which makes the team look like a simple enough thing to target and destroy.

What would have made it better? An angled left to right profile of the Jets' tip or nose, which would make for something much more dynamic or three-dimensional. I'd also look for something a little more unique to Winnipeg than a leaf, or at the very least, a little more militaristic, and a little less commuterish.

But then again, it is a design for a Canadian team in a Western burb/boomtown, which means that this is probably as cutting edge as they are gonna get...

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