Monday, July 25, 2011

Once Again, I Hurt My Football Team

Well folks... since we appear to be well and truly done with the lockotu and will make the season start on time, it's time to do the dumb thing that I do for the Shooter Mom... take her to an Eagles game. Or just go to one myself.

In case you are new to the blog, here's the sordid history of recent watched failure...

1) December 2010 -- The Tuesday night loss to the Joe Webb Vikings, which wound up costing the team a shot at the bye week and set up the first round loss to the Packers

2) November 2010 -- The Sunday afternoon late game against the Bears, where Michael Vick continued his baffling career-long problem of never beating Chicago

3) September 2007 -- The road game in Green Bay where the team would have won if only they hadn't tried to field punts with people who, well, had never tried to field punts

4) September 2006 -- When the Giants came to the Linc and came back from a ludicrous deficit, with Jeremy Shockey punking Brian Dawkins, and the Giants recovering multiple fumbles for ludicrous gains

So when -- not if -- the Rams come through with a Week One upset where Sam Bradford goes crazy stats, and Danny Amendola has his short plucky white vengeance on the team that didn't give him a job in training camp? Blame me. Bet on the Rams. Bet 'em twice. I am Shiva, destroyer of seasons, and I'm riding with the Eagles on Week One.

1 comment:

snd_dsgnr said...

You mind doing me a favor and going to the two games against the Giants this year?

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