Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ten MLB Deadlne Eve Moves And Musings

A few random notes from the day that makes far too many people happy, because far too many people care more about being GMs than being fans. These are in no particular order, just because.

1) Oakland trades RHP Rich Harden to Boston for 1B Lars Anderson.

Well, thank God ol' Brittle Rich didn't explode during his last start, so that the team was able to land the incredible bounty that is Andersson. Lars is 23 going on irrelevant, a top 100 prospect according to Baseball America, and a guy that might make everyone forget about Daric Barton. I'd pay money, at this point, to forget about Daric Barton. Anderson is also an Oakland native, a butcher around the bag, and about as valuable to Boston as a third nipple, what with Adrian Gonzalez in town.

As for Boston, they get Tim Wakefield insurance, and maybe another strong power arm in the back of their pen, as if they actually need that. And if Boston can actually figure out how to keep Harden healthy, so that he becomes a discount ace that make them win in the playoffs? Well, I'll feel the same way as I do when I watch Eric Chavez help the Yankees. (That way is Bitter. Very, very bitter.)

2) The Cardinals are trading for Raffy Furcal.

Um, dear God in Heaven, why? I get that Raffy has games and moments where he looks like the old-time sneaky useful SS and leadoff hitter that can really spark a team... but he's a sub-.200 hitter this year for the Dodgers, does not look like he gives any kind of damn, and is about as sturdy as, well, Rich Harden. This deal can only tell us that Tony LaRussa either doesn't care in the last several years of stats, or that his head hurts from juggling Ryan Theriot, Daniel Descalso and Tyler Greene. The latter is defensible.

3) The DBacks get Jason Marquis from the Nats.

Marquis is your classic inning bulemic, in that he'll take the ball every turn and make you wonder if there's any way you can make him stop. This year, he looks better than most, since his ERA is under 4 (we really need to get the steroids back in MLB), but the 1.4+ WHIP and middling strikeout rate tells a different tale. I guess anything that keeps Micah Owings away from eyesight is a help, but only just.

4) The Tigers get Doug Fister from the Mariners.

The funniest name ever gets attached to a 3.33 ERA and 1.17 WHIP... and since he works for Seattle so far this year, a 3-12 won-loss record. Wow. Fisty is a pitch to contact guy that's going to enjoy actual moments of run support now, but he's also going to dislike the defensive issues that the Tigers bring to the table. He could have a sneaky impact on the pennant race, if only because he'll keep too-young guys from making starts for the Tigers.

5) The Indians move a boatload of guys to the Rockies for Ubaldo Jimenez.

The whole trick is what Ubaldo they are getting... because this year's model isn't worth it, and Drew Pomeranz could be very, very special. I like the move for Cleveland because Ubaldo has real talent, could swing a pennant race for them this year, and is still on the upswing of his career. Besides, they kept him from going to the Bronx. (And to be fair, Jimenez has looked a lot better in July.)

6) Texas gets RP Koji Uehara from the Orioles for SP Tommy Hunter and 1B Chris Davis.

Davis gives the Orioles the wind machine they lost when birther Luke Scott exploded, and Hunter has been passed by with Texas doing well with prospects. Uehara could close for Texas if Nefty Feliz has issues, but his more likely value is to hammer down the eighth. It's a reasonable move for both sides, and hence, no fun at all to blog about. Be more stupid, both of you! I can't get enough mean humor out of Chris Davis.

7) The Giants get Orlando Cabrera from the Indians.

Wait, Orlando was still in MLB? And so is Miggy Tejada? You have to love the defending champions, you really do. It's not like the O-Cab hasn't had some good playoff moments.

8) Milwaukee gets Jerry Hairston Jr. from the Nats.

Last mildly useful guy in DC to go, please turn off the lights. This move doesn't happen without the ouchies to Carlos Gomez and Rickie Weeks, which is to say that it was bound to happen years ago, really. Hairston is 35, can still swing the bat a little, can play all over the place without being an active embarrassment, and made about as much sense in Washington as Donovan McNabb. He'll be helpful in Milwaukee, who are loading up for the Prince Fielder Swan Song pennant race.

9) Boston gets INF Mike Aviles from KC.

This just means that Boston has depth for when their collection of can't stay healthy guys... can't stay healthy. The nice thing about Aviles is that no matter what he does, we will hear about it. Isn't that precious?

10) P Hiroki Kuroda will stay in LA.

For longer than the ownership, clearly. He's got one more year and $12 more million to play games that no one watches; must be nice. Either that, or the Dodgers wanted to trade him to a place with bad miso. A man's got to have standards.

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