Sunday, July 24, 2011

Top 10 Drawbacks Of The Rams-Bears Preseason Opener Cancellation

10) Television professionals missed a non-election year chance to go to Canton, and everyone wants to go to Canton

9) The Jay Cutler Image Rehabilitation Tour has one less date

8) Fantasy league honks have less time to fool themselves into a WR1 mistake from either of these teams

7) Sam Bradford misses the chance to pile up numbers that will make people overbid him

6) Three less hours of nationally televised testimonials to Mike Martz

5) Studies show that fewer preseason games makes for a greater likelihood of time with family

4) If the game had been played, it would have meant more money for those ever-virtuous owners

3) Less chances for season-ending injuries to various players, which has always been the real reason anyone watches preseason games

2) The storied Bears-Rams rivalry really deserved another chapter

1) The fairly real possibility that, well, this won't be the last cancellation, and that one of these months, you might actually mind what goes away

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