Thursday, July 14, 2011

Top 10 reasons why Billy Hunter is supporting NBA players going overseas

10) He's a huge secret fan of multi-linguism

9) The more guys play overseas, the fewer guys are bitching at him to settle from close up

8) Loves the idea of any kind of leverage against the owners, but dislikes the idea of actually doing the work to set up a players league

7) Standing together and staying strong doesn't mean actually staying, well, in the same hemisphere

6) Hoping to collect union dues from overseas players

5) By supporting these decisions, he's hoping to line up his next organizer job, since lockout is just another word for a league ceasing to exist

4) Hunter has investments in companies that extend insurance coverage to players

3) Didn't have anything else to say in a memo that would have gotten actual media attention

2) Wants to make next year's inevitable partial season even more of a farce than usual

1) Ready to do anything that prevents this from being a stone-cold replay of 1999

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