Friday, July 8, 2011

Top 10 reasons why Deron Williams is willing to play in Turkey

10) If it's good enough for Allen Iverson, it's good enough for him

9) By playing there instead of New Jersey, he doesn't really change his chances of playing for an NBA title

8) $5 million plays a lot more than no million

7) After years of working for Jerry Sloan, time in a Turkish prison seems like cake

6) Has always dreamed of learning more about Constantinople, Ataturk, and Asia Minor

5) Given his past efforts with Sloan and the Turkish history of coups... you do the math

4) Playing in Turkey has to be more satisfying than playing with Brook Lopez

3) Thinks that by doing this, he'll keep his fantasy value up even in a lockout

2) It's not as if he could get hurt doing this and utterly destroy his chances for a major free agent payday in 2012, since the lockout means the league no longer exists

1) The Turkish club will let him walk if the NBA exists again, which is about as neighborly as you can get, really

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