Friday, July 22, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the NFL lockout isn't over yet

10) Everyone involved secretly hates Canton, OH, and doesn't want the town to host a preseason game

9) Approved finishing document has wildly inconsistent fonts

8) It's all Vincent Jackson's fault, and if it's not his, then it's definitely Chris Kluwe's fault

7) Both sides want to keep the media on their toes for a few more days

6) Since neither side makes actual money from fantasy leagues, like to screw those people around

5) Players want to make sure that the public hates them, too

4) The Raiders abstained from voting on the final document, which is giving everyone involved pause, since Al Davis is usually on top of everything

3) Gives everyone involved more time to enjoy the summer weather

2) After 130 days of wankery, what's another day or six between friends

1) Once more with feeling: lawyers bill by the hour

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