Saturday, August 6, 2011

Coach Taylor, No!

Dammit, Buddy Garrity should have never sold his bar for that Frito-Lay factory, then gone to his friend to bail him out of a fiscal crisis. Now Coach Eric Taylor has got to whore himself out to this conglomerate to hawk junk food. There's no way this won't come back to bite him in the ass later, especially when the Pennsylvania high school coaches association catches wind up of this. I smell a forfeit of a game that his Vikings depserately needed to win to qualify for the playoffs, and little baby Gracie getting hooked on the chips that get sent to his house, especially with his wife so busy at her new job as dean of admissions. He'll rue the day he did this! Especially when his local obsessive high school radio DJ starts pounding him about this for day after day.

(And if I've just lost all of you with that, it's because you didn't watch "Friday Night Lights", and wonderful satire has been lost. Alas. Hope you put the money to good use, Kyle Chandler. Clear eyes, full wallet?)

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