Monday, August 1, 2011

Continued Pressure

Rather than resting on their laurels, my football laundry continued its dream off-season by bringing in DL Cullen Jenkins in, then shipping the superfluous Broderick Bunkley out to Cleveland, home of all Green defensive players that are no longer deemed necessary, for a fifth round pick. As with just about everything else they've done in the last week, I like the move. For the following reasons:

1) Jenkins may be the first big man in the Reid Era who can actually get to the QB. He had 7 sacks last year as an end in a 3-4 scheme, where most of the sacks come from a LB. In Philly, he'll move back inside, rarely receive a double team due to the presence of Jason Babin and Trent Cole, and (sigh) not have to worry about LBs poaching his QB kills. More importantly, he won't be a guy that you have to take off the field on down and distances that don't scream out Pass Only.

2) Bringing him in hurts the Pack. Jenkins was downright disruptive last year for Green Bay, and his loss will be felt. So just like the Nnamdi Deal, this hurts rivals while helping the team, and the rival being hurt here is the one that they will need to take down to go to Indianapolis.

Jenkins is 30, which isn't a big problem for big men, assuming they are healthy. He has been for most of his career, except for a 2008 that ended with a torn pectoral. He's the "little" brother of Kris Jenkins, so he's got the pedigree. He's not a one year wonder, since he's got 29 sacks in his career. And he even makes all of the little college guys happy, since he's from that hotbed of Central Michigan.

As for Bunk going to Cleveland... well, he just didn't get back on the field after Anthony Dixon emerged, and while he seemed to have moments in tandem with Mike Patterson, those moments weren't enough to make this move anything but an upgrade. His legacy is that of an underperforming high pick; not the first. And if we hear from again... well, we won't. That's what happens in Cleveland.

And if this makes my laundry look too Yankee-esque, or like the early chip leader bullying every pot in a tournament... well, the other way hasn't worked up to now. Keep shoving, Andy, keep shoving.

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