Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Job Is Detroying My Blog

Here's what's going on right now, Dear Reader who notices the middle of the night time stamps and wonders about my ever shrinking amounts of sanity...

1) The new job is work from home, which is great, except in flood stages. Then it's never stop working.

2) There's also much more travel involved, which means periodic timesuck days of getting to go through the airport ad nauseam. Honestly, I do not know how salespeople fail to pop up all the time with killing sprees.

3) My fantasy football auction draft is in less than a week, and I'm woefully unprepared. This is, of course, what I want the other guys in my league, who have been known to look at the blog from time to time, to think. Suckers.

4) There's, well, more than the occasional family demand on my time, seeing how Dad Works At Home should mean We See More Of Dad.

So... bear with me, and we'll all get through this hard time together. NFL picks columns, fantasy football tidbits, a travelogue to St. Louis to see the Eagles lose to the Rams in a shocking upset (bet the house! I'm going to be there, which means my tema is toast!)... it's all coming. Assuming I don't just start passing out in mid-senten

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