Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Small Question For ESPN

I get that you are in bed with the NBA, and that they probably have some influence on what gets shone in your network, but...

If you never showed another WNBA highlight, would anyone complain or notice?

I'm serious about this. I'm pretty much assuming that the -- 50K? 100K? -- people that care about the WNBA in this country enough to watch regular season games do not rely on you for highlights. I suspect they all just go online, since the NBA has been good about doing Web stuff now for years, or just go to the games. It's not as if that costs a lot, or that seats aren't available.

And since, well, the NBA no longer exists, and will continue not to exist for the next four to six months before the players union takes whatever deal the owners deign to give them...

And everyone watching ESPN right now is far more interested in any fantasy football news, real training camp news, pennant race coverage, or any of the re-reported investigative journalism that you repost...

Well, seconds of television per hour add up, really. And after 15 years of pretending that anyone cares about this league, isn't it time -- high time --- that you stopped pretending, just because they used to provide you with content?

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snd_dsgnr said...

It's really frustrating to me that something like the WNBA gets more coverage on ESPN than MMA does.

The UFC routinely pulls in 300K+ people actually paying for their PPV's. And that number grossly underestimates how many people watch since people tend to congregate at homes or bars to split up the cost of the show, not to mention how many people watch on illegal online streams.

And yet the WNBA is always treated with the utmost respect, while MMA when mentioned at all is usually castigated as overly brutal before the person talking moves on to discuss how great boxing is or how the NFL shouldn't be legislating against helmet-to-helmet hits.

Sorry, bit of a tangent there. But yea, the hyping of the WNBA takes it from something that I would just ignore to something that I actively hope fails.

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