Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ten MLB Saturday Takeaways

I sat down for the Fox MLB of the Week double header this week. Here's what I've learned...

10) Giants Fan doesn't care if his team wins or loses, because he gets to float in water in nice weather, which is something that the broadcast audience needs to be reminded of on a routine basis

9) The state of Yankees-Red Sox is now at the point where Joe Buck tells you how many minutes the inning has taken, because you haven't wasted nearly enough of your life in these games

8) The Giants feel that Cody Ross and Aubrey Huff are sure to forget who they are and hit, any day now

7) Ken Rosenthal's wacky necktie fetish shows that Craig Sager's influence exists, and will be a problem

6) The addition of Carlos Beltran to the Giants is just what a defending World Series champion needed, since Carlos has been such a big winner over the last few years as a Met

5) Since the Giants lost today without getting their heads kicked in, no Phillie hitter had to be thrown at

4) If I just avoid getting a cell phone, I won't be part of any idiotic dance troop flash mobs

3) We all care very deeply about how much facial hair the Giants' relievers have

2) Eric Karros and Kenny Albert each talked about Cole Hamels "taking a deuce", which he more or less did on the Giant hitters

1) When a beer vendor spills onto the field in Boston, that's pretty much a generation-defining event

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