Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top 10 reasons why Randy Moss retired

10) Wanted to make his eventual entry into Canton controver- sial

9) Thinks the NFL is still in lockout

8) When the Jets took Plax Burress over him, it's just time to take the hint

7) Knew that if he kept playing football, he'd eventually wind up back in Oakland

6) At age 34, needs to get onto the next stage of his life, which will be far more lucrative than football

5) Let's face it, he's just not going to be the kind of guy who adapts well to grizzled veteran status

4) New teams keep asking him to learn more than the Go Deep pattern

3) When he drops trou now, it's sad and wrinkly

2) Wants some of that Brett Favre Ironic Endorsement money

1) Was worried that he was getting too likable

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