Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Top 10 signs that you are overpreparing for your fantasy football draft

10) You are secretly pleased that there was a lockout, since it gives your no-life prep work a critical edge

9) Not only do you know who Mikel Leshoure is, you know how to spell his name, and are prepared to be depressed about his injury for months

8) Properly evaluating Darren McFadden (#1 back, run-friendly offense, talented... but lost his FB and coach, injury-prone and doomed by being a Raider) is keeping you up at nights

7) Like every other year for the past five, you've got two rankings -- with Favre and without

6) It's not a question of whether you have NFL Sunday Ticket, but if you are springing for the Red Zone Channel

5) If you win your league, you might just break even from your premium Web site access, annual magazines and stat geek book purchases

4) You are no longer able to actually watch live games, since you are in too many leagues to know what to root for

3) Hines Ward's offseason thrills you, since you know that the "Dancing With The Stars" win and DUI conviction will be sure to drive up his draft value to insanity

2) You know more about the Tim Tebow situation in Denver than the current condition of your home, girlfriend, spouse or child

1) Not only do you know about transactions for players that are in no way fantasy relevant, you've convinced yourself that this will give you the edge to win your league

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