Sunday, August 7, 2011

Top 10 signs the Yankees are going to release Jorge Posada

10) They keep asking him if he'd like to see more of Bernie Williams

9) Too much praise for that durable and affordable Eric Chavez

8) Outside of Boston, there's not much call for catchers who can't throw, hit, or catch

7) The legal limit for DHs is three

6) Unlike some people, he doesn't have a crippling contract and counting total record to keep sucking down ABs

5) Jesus Montero has placed a call to Amnesty International

4) One too many cracks about how he doesn't even wear the World Series rings he has

3) The other teams in the AL continue to send cards of support and appreciation to the club for keeping him around

2) Dropping him from the lineup before a nationally televised game has a certain finality to it

1) Have already sent him the Old-Timers Game uniform

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