Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top 10 Takeaways From The Niners-Raiders Fan Brawl

10) If only both of these fan bases were better at fighting, their teams wouldn't stink

9) It's all the fault of the state of California for failing to build new stadiums that would price all of the people who fight in public out of going to games

8) Realistically, there's little chance of either of these teams still being in playoff contention for very long, so preseason is the most heated time of the year

7) When push comes to shove, there's just something way too tempting about beating a San Francisco Fan to death

6) If only we could somehow take alcohol out of the equation, Raider Fan would become a completely controllable and friendly guy

5) People from the East Bay haven't quite forgiven the PEnninsula People for somehow sneaking the Hayward Fault onto their side

4) Let's face it: if you had to watch Jason Campbell and those wideouts, you'd probably be ready to throw down too

3) Since Dodger Fan did far much more damage, that means the Dodgers have better fans

2) No arrests have been made, which means that the perpetrators must be off-duty Oakland cops

1) The game only drew 47K people to a 60K stadium, which means that the Niners looking to lose this game isn't entirely done on altruism

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