Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Walk Off Today's MLB Takeaways

> Ivan Nova won another game for the Yankees and that got a lot more play than his 7 ER in 5.1 IP against, um, the Royals

> The Astros actually won a game, no, seriously, with a grand slam off Carlos Marmol, who is becoming more Cub Like by the day

> Carlos Beltran let his team down by getting injured prior to a stretch run, which was so obvious, even the Mets saw it coming

> The Phillies honored the memory of Harry Kalas by having the bullpen do its best 2009 Brad Lidge impersonation that Harry checked out on, rather than stick around to announce

> AJ Pierzynski hit the DL, and it wasn't from a teammate or opponent induced injury

> Philly Fan actually put forth the notion that the team should throw games to the DBacks, so that they can avoid the Giants in the playoffs, and play road games in a quirky indoor bandbox

> A-Rod's minor league injury rehab is nearly done, which is good, seeing how all of those guys in Trenton are getting tired of taking his money in poker

> Garrett Jones hit a walk-off homer into the river in Pittsburgh off Arthur Rhodes, surprising nearly everyone who thought both men were out of MLB

> Kark Kotsay, Juan Pierre, Martin Prado and something named Brian Bogusevic joined Jones in having walk-off hits, proving that you don't need to be able to, well, hit to get one of these

> Cole Hamels will miss a start with mild irritation after receiving an MRI, which is making far too many Phillies Fans convinced that, combined with tonight's loss, The End Is Nigh

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