Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Can Brown Do For Green

Continuing the dream offseason (if only it extended to linebackers), the Eagles inked RB Ronnie Brown today, for what's reported to be the lowest amount offered by four teams. As Brown has started 71 of 76 NFL games, this is seen as one more case of the fabulously wealthy getting fabulously wealthier, and one more reason to hate my laundry for being all Yankee Heatish.

But before we go straight to the jerk with the knee, let's consider the other three teams that supposedly offered Brown a deal.

1) San Diego

2) Baltimore

3) St. Louis

See him starting in any of these places? Hell and no; the Chargers have a stable of guys and don't run the ball anyway, and even Brown's likely to admit that he's not better than Ray Rice or Stephen Jackson. So what we're talking about is the difference between backup RB make-good contracts for a guy that's probably smart enough to know that his bell cow days are behind him, and it's time to conserve his legs and get some touches on national television. That's Philly, in a big way, even if starting RB LeSean McCoy stays healthy, because Andy Reid has a fetish for Twelve Guys Catch The Ball, and Brown can take a screen as well as half of the guys that will show up in the box score.

Besides, there's also this: Reid's also got a thing for the Wildcat (IT'S WILD!), and Brown might have run more of those plays than anyone in NFL history. So long as it means fewer hits between the tackles for DeSean Jackson, I am completely OK with the move -- and it should also mean a little less of Jerome Harrison and Eldra Buckley. Both are nice enough folks, but for a team where the third-down RB is going to have to pick up desperation blitzes that are all about ending Mike Vick's day... give me the guy with more meat on his bones. That's Brown, listed as six feet and 230 pounds, which is damn near fullback size for Cap'n Andy.

The reason why Brown is available is that he's been fragile, which isn't such a problem for a backup to a young guy. Ideally, he won't have to start many games for the laundry, and he'll be beloved as a credible short yardage and situational guy; considering what else they could have doing this job (aka, Harrison and Buckley), you have to like the move. Especially if he came cheap, and might spur a few more ring chasing useful guys.

Oh, and Ronnie? Feel free to make more plays like this one. This one was fun.


snd_dsgnr said...

How in the blue hell are you bastards fitting all of these people in under the cap?

DMtShooter said...

Simple. We don't pay kickers anymore (Akers and Rocca gone). None of our skill guys (DJ, Maclin, McCoy, Celek) are old enough to get major money. Our LBs appear on milk cartons, and outside of Peters, there's no one on the OL making any money, either. Many of these guys (Asomugha, Brown) are coming in for less than market value to be Closer To Vick, Because Vick Is Magic. (Or, if you prefer, secretly torturing animals again, and they all get to watch. I know you root for Blue, so your mileage may vary.)

And finally, we've been under the cap by big bucks for much of the lat 10 years. No idea why Jeff Lurie's showing the money now, but glad he is.

snd_dsgnr said...

Ehhh, I tend to fall into the "Vick served his time and should be entitled to earn a living" camp. I think he'd still be dogfighting if he hadn't gotten caught, but I also think it's now extremely unlikely that he'll ever do it again and isn't that kind of the point of rehabilitation?

So basically what you're telling me is that I should pin my hopes on the Eagles' weak O-line and linebackers, and the cold truth that they can't really keep everyone there long term? I guess I can handle that.

DMtShooter said...

Yup, just as we pin our hopes on Eli being a secret weak-armed ninny with one good playoff month covering up for 10+ turnover-riffic years, and Coughlin reverting to Yosemite Sam Mode.

And yes, flags fly forever. But at least you punked the Pats for it.

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