Sunday, September 25, 2011

30 Eagles - Giants Takeaways

30) When your call on third and short is a reverse toss to a wideout, that doesn't exactly speak to confidence in your short yardage running game

29) For the third straight game, the Eagles fell behind early, and for the second straight game, they blew a fourth quarter lead

28) Blue Fan had to achieve orgasm over Steve Smith's day of utter futility

27) If your QB has just been concussed last week, maybe splitting him out wide in an ineffectual WILD!cat isn't the best idea

26) The Fox analysis crew seems to care more about time of possession than scoreboard

25) Kurt Coleman managed to take Casey Matthews off the hook for Worst Defensive Play of the Day in just ten minutes

24) In the second quarter, the Eagles called eight straight running plays, just to give us a taste of what they could actually be if Andy Reid weren't Andy Reid; in a startling coincidence, this was their best quarter of the day

23) In case you had any doubt, the Eagles' best offensive player is LeSean McCoy

22) This game should put to rest the idea that the Eagles defense is elite

21) What Ahmad Bradshaw did to Nate Allen isn't usually seen outside of prison, and Nate's Defensive Rookie of the Month award from last year seems to have come a long, long time ago

20) On fourth and three and going for a kill shot, Blue went for an empty backfield and threw a 1-yard out to Travis Beckum, who decided to just stay down rather than try to get the first down

19) At this point in his career, it's not a question of what position Matthews should play at, it's a question of whether he belongs on the roster at all

18) According to the refs, you can scuffle legally now, at least for one play

17) These teams, you will be surprised to learn, do not like each other

16) McCoy's 11 yard touchdown run brought back memories of Barry Sanders, and made Tom Coughlin hop like a very angry bunny

15) Punting out of bounds isn't such a great idea when it means your punts suck

14) On the first half ending figgie, Vick didn't know it was fourth down, which doesn't exactly fill you with confidence that he was all the way back from the concussion

13) The Wide Nine stance is the clear cause of all good or bad defensive plays by the Eagles defense

12) Fox's analysts were far too happy about a fumble recovery and rush by Jason Peters, rather than the awful ball protection shown by Vick earlier in the play

11) Once again, Green's red zone offense was just shameful

10) So far, that Steve Smith signing is working out just fine for Blue

9) On fourth and one at 40, up 2 with 11 minutes left, with the defense coming off two straight three and outs... Reid went for it because the short yardage running game had been going so well, and he wanted to make sure he had the ability to say he needed to coach better in the post-game press conference

8) Brian Rolle proved, for just one play, that you can defend downfield while wearing Eagles laundry and being listed as a linebacker

7) On the coup d'etat touchdown, Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo believed that sending 10 men at the QB was the right play against a team that likes to throw screen passes

6) With two fourth quarter picks, Mike Kafka's era as Back Up QB Savior lasted just seven days

5) Eli Manning threw four touchdown passes today with a 145 passer rating in breaking the 6-game losing streak to Green, which should buy him at least two days of amnesty from the New York sports media

4) If you had told me that a Giants WR would have 3 TDs against this secondary, I would have thought you were on something that can only be achieved via prescription

3) Now that Vick has been unable to complete two straight games, and is probably done for much more, we can pretty much cement this team's status as Most Disappointing

2) Green had 75 more rushing yards than Green without a big day on the ground from Vick, which seems more than a little impossible

1) While we realize that it's a long season and that it's silly to overreact in September, there's no reason right now to think that Green is a playoff team

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