Monday, September 19, 2011

FTT Off-Topic: First World Price, Third World Service

This last week, I had to take the kids in for shots. The eldest is damn near phobic of them, so it's always a challenge; she tends to freak out at the last second and twitch, which makes the whole thing worse. The youngest isn't as bad, but it's not exactly a fun experience. So be it. The reason why I was able to take the kids in was that I work from home now, with new medical coverage, and huzzah for all of that. The job transition means that I got new cards and fell off my schedule for a physical; normally I try to do this closer to my birthday, which is in June. So I stop by the receptionist station to get on my doctor's schedule. I can be here at any time, but it's not urgent. So when's the first available date?

Not in September. Well, sure. Who expects to be seen in less than two weeks?

Not in October. I guess he must give good physical.

Not in November. How presumptuous of me, to see my doctor in under two months.

Not in December. Well, the holidays are important. I hope there's nothing very wrong with me, since that would be a heck of a Christmas present.

January? Well, what's another month between friends. Besides, going outside in January is dangerous.

February? Now we're talking. Groundhog Day, or just 139 days after I scheduled the appointment, I get to have a physical.

Which leaves me with just one question.

Why, exactly, are we as a nation tolerating the relentless penetration without lube that is our insurance company riddled health care system?

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