Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One Small Point In Re The Eagles Miss Kevin Kolb Meme

Um... you do realize that the team actually got something for him, right? And that the presence of that guy (Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, who admittedly has not looked like a Pro Bowler in the first two games) has actually helped a bit, in that it means less Joselio Hanson in your life?

And, um... what exactly would Kevin Kolb have done in relief of Mike Vick on Sunday night that Mike Kafka didn't do, with the possible exception of will Jeremy Maclin into making that fourth down catch that would have kept the game alive?

The devil's bargain that is Life With Vick is that your QB isn't going to take every snap; you will be lucky if he takes 75% of them, and 100% of the playoff ones. The amount of time you can expect him to miss (2 to 4 games) is significant, but in a weak division with a roster that's littered with playmakers on both side of the ball, and an experienced coaching staff, the difference between an exceptional backup QB and an ordinary one is, at most, one game. Compare that to the impact of a quality CB3 in a league where every good team has threats down to the 5-wide level, and it's not close. Either DRC is going to be more valuable to the Eagles this year than Kolb, or the Eagles are going to have a terrible year. No middle ground.

So if you'd like to put the toothpaste back in the tube and wish Kolb back on the roster... just stop it already. This offensive line got Kolb concussed in less than a half in his first game; it wasn't going to get a lot better over time. And as useful as Kolb has looked so far in two games in Cardinal Red, he was going to be a turnover machine at nearly the same rate that Vick's been here. Just without the same number of back-breaking wow plays.

This week, Vick will either test out enough to play against a Giants team that looks a lot like the Falcons team that just sneaked out a home win, only without the same talent at tight end, and a better ground game. If Kafka or Vince Young answers the bell, it'll be the same offense, because Andy Reid will never, ever call running plays, regardless of the talents of his personnel. And the game will be decided in the trenches, specifically as to whether Green's highly suspect LBs can keep Blue's run game to under 200 yards.

And no, Kevin Kolb wouldn't make a difference either way. So let's just move on, shall we?

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